The chalkboard in my kitchen...

If you're ever in the kitchen at my house you'll see a small chalkboard on the south wall by the doorway to the dining room. Most people would think I might keep a grocery or "honey do" list on this board, but really the purpose of my chalk doodling is a different kind of reminder: I put little sayings on the board that keep me, and anyone else that happens to look at it, thinking about "the simple things". You know those simple things? The little life rules & reminders that we forget as we get caught up in the business of our daily activities.  

Recently I scribbled out "Waste Not, Want Not" on my little chalkboard. I noticed that the lights were being left on when no one was in the room, soda cans were left near the sink still a quarter-full, and the fruit was over-ripe and rotting on the counter. I know these are small things, but I've always been a believer that we should use what we have - never waste it - if we expect to be blessed with more. Abundance is a blessing. 

After several weeks of this little reminder living on the chalkboard in my kitchen I began to notice that, apparently, myself and others in my home were beginning to change habits; the words were working! The lights were being turned off. The soda cans were not only being emptied, but even rinsed (a small miracle in and of itself!).  And the fruit was being eaten regularly. (I used those over-ripe bananas to make some banana bread.)

My point is that sometimes those words we've heard years ago and long since forgotten are something that we need to be reminded of. It might bring something new and wonderful to our lives. Whether you have a chalkboard or not, try changing some of your habits to fit the "Waste Not, Want Not" ideal. I've found some joy in it. It may not bring me riches and fame, but it has brought me the good feeling that comes with doing something good. And really, that can make a big difference.

Your #songbirddivine,