Chalkboard in my Kitchen: "Happiness Is..."

January and early February is a dreary time of the year in Iowa. Christmas is passed and spring is too far away to start getting excited about its arrival. The shortness of the days means that evenings are still mostly spent in darkness. The days are often cold, gray, and gloomy with no sun peeking through the layer of clouds, creating a perpetual twilight. Then finally, when you DO get a bright, sunny, warm day, it is all too often quickly snatched away with a bleak, dismal day, reminding you that spring is still seemingly unreachable. It can be a most depressing time of the year.

I have noticed that just as the weather outside is drab and uninspiring, people’s moods during this time often turn grumpy and irritable. Some become annoyed and frustrated easier and nobody seems happy. To address, or even counter this, I wrote “Happiness Is…” on the Chalkboard in My Kitchen. Reading this phrase each day, I finish the sentence: 

Happiness is... a piping hot cup of cocoa. 

Happiness is... finding a new favorite pair of boots.  

Happiness is... performing a new song in front of an audience for the very first time.  

Happiness is... a warm summer’s day with the hot sun shining down on your face as you eat a cold, creamy ice cream cone - trying to enjoy it all before it melts away.

What happened was I noticed that when I start my day by thinking about things that create happiness in me, the day goes better. The day seems brighter, even when winter’s gloom darkens the sky. 

The phrase puts a smile on my face that chases away the winter blues. My own smile soon becomes contagious, resulting in the smile of nearly everyone else I come across, too. 

Try it for a moment. Stop and repeat the phrase “Happiness is…”, filling in whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Bet you can’t do it a few times without smiling. :)

Your #songbirddivine,