Chalkboard in my Kitchen: "Days turn to weeks, and weeks into years..."

I so often hear people say “I am going to [insert goal] when… or after...” Maybe it’s “I am going to start that new diet next week” or “I will start exercising when the weather gets warm.” Or perhaps “I am going to start that project after the kids are out of the house and I have more time.” Of course, New Year’s is often a time of new resolutions and promises to ourselves that we’re going to begin a new goal. But, so often by the end of that first month, many of us have already “failed” at that resolution and return to waiting for the moment when it is “the perfect time” to start again.

This month I wrote Days turn to weeks, and weeks into years… on the Chalkboard in my Kitchen. This is a line from my first single “Do Love Well” and a reminder that each day is its own opportunity. After all, each single moment is all you have now. The moments slide into hours, the hours into days, and so on. Those days quickly turn into weeks that blur into months and change into years. Waiting does not change time’s passing, it only prevents you from reaching your dreams as time passes.  

I find that keeping the idea of time moving forward at the forefront of my mind helps motivate and keep me on track. It lets me focus on moving toward my goals and not procrastinating. There will always be that “one more thing” a person can find as a reason for “not now.” It is so much harder to find the reason to say, “Yes, now.” But, that is what we must strive to do if we are going to take the opportunity given by each day before the day fades into the next. It does not matter so much what your dreams may be or how you go about accomplishing them; it matters that you stop postponing and making excuses. Whatever you do, live your life well. Stop waiting for that perfect moment. Live your dreams and chase your aspirations. And above all - Do Love Well.

Your #songbirddivine,