I'm so excited to launch something I've been working on for over a year now -- Diana's Divine Sweet Shoppe!!  Everyone knows I'm a big foodie so we decided to feature some of my favorite candy recipes with you!  

There is creamy fudge, perfect hand dipped chocolates, and even a cashew roll which is big enough to share.  All of my candy comes from a professional kitchen but is made in small batches to ensure that handmade touch.  Please take a look and order a goodie or two!


Diana Upton-Hill, the Iowa native that broke through on Billboard this summer, preps the launch of her Do Love Well Christmas tour this December. Founded in Hawkeye holiday traditions, Diana and her Nashville Santas band will unwrap a seasonal program twinkling with holiday classics, contemporary favorites and her original charting hits. The Do Love Well Christmas Tour will find her sparkling vocals spotlighted in a program expressing her love of Nashville juxtaposed with the pizazz of a Vegas showstopper.


“Growing up in Iowa, like any kid, I always looked forward to Christmas --- the snow, the twinkling lights, the decorated trees, the stories, the food and especially the music,” says Diana.  “I hope this program takes audiences on a journey back to those special times in their own homes and builds on the magical spirit of love and fellowship that is abundant throughout the holiday season.”


Let us #NeverForget...

15 years have passed very quickly and our country has healed and moved forward, still, we must never forget the terrible events of September 11, 2001.  I recorded a version of "If I Had My Way", which was written by Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy in tribute of the events of 9/11.  Please take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. 

Your #songbirddivine, 


Chalkboard in my Kitchen: "Days turn to weeks, and weeks into years..."

I so often hear people say “I am going to [insert goal] when… or after...” Maybe it’s “I am going to start that new diet next week” or “I will start exercising when the weather gets warm.” Or perhaps “I am going to start that project after the kids are out of the house and I have more time.” Of course, New Year’s is often a time of new resolutions and promises to ourselves that we’re going to begin a new goal.

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Chalkboard in my Kitchen: "...the best gift is to BE PRESENT"

Each Christmas seems to be more hectic than the one before. The holiday season is stretched from mid-November to the first weekend in January, so it now includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. My weekends become a whirlwind of family dinners, gift buying and giving, parties, performances and community activities - it’s easy to lose the spirit of the Christmas season. For my seasonal message and as a reminder to stay focused on those near and dear to me this Christmas, I wrote “Sometimes the best gift is to Be Present”...

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We're making a tree of love! #DoLoveWell

It's that time of year where we celebrate many things -- including those we cherish. In a troubled world, let's take a moment and reflect on our loved ones and how much we love them! In honor of that spirit I'm putting together a tree filled with your photos (crafted into ornaments) that include those you love. Just follow the steps below, post your photo on social (facebook, instagram, twitter), and together we will fill a tree with LOVE! Every few days we'll pick a winner from those of you who share photos to receive a free signed copy of my latest album, "Do Love Well".  

Have a wonderful season filled with the Christmas spirit!

Your #songbird divine,

- Diana

OFFICIAL RULES: Void where prohibited. Contest sponsored solely by Diana Upton-Hill (Hill Productions & Media Group, Inc.)  CD winners will be chosen at random every 3 days, concluding 12/23/2015. If you are under the age of 18, please have parental consent before entering. 

The chalkboard in my kitchen...

If you're ever in the kitchen at my house you'll see a small chalkboard on the south wall by the doorway to the dining room. Most people would think I might keep a grocery or "honey do" list on this board, but really the purpose of my chalk doodling is a different kind of reminder: I put little sayings on the board that keep me, and anyone......

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Well here we are...

New chapters are usually defined by numbers in books, but as I write this I cannot decide if this should be Chapter 1, 2, 3, 6, or 10... so I'm going to call this chapter the "Love Well" chapter. I have lived my years on this earth generally thinking that I know what is best, that I know what is right. Now as I continue through the pages of my days, I see that things aren't always so crystal clear. Yet, one thing always remains constant - if we "Love Well", then we "Live Well" And that, I am learning, makes all the difference.  

Here's to the "Love Well" chapter. It might be short, it may be long, but I hope you will always be by my side in this story called life.  

Your #songbirddivine,


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